Reticle Racks on Rails
Our automated moving racks offer an organized and efficient means for storing semiconductor reticles. Simply press the appropriate arrow key to open up an aisle for easy access to any rack.

The reticle racks move on low profile rails. There is anti-tip protection and safety sensors to assure the path of travel is unobstructed.

A system can consists of both moving and stationary racks, rack inserts, indicator lighting, and a PC based reticle manager.
Reticle racks are designed to be combined as needed. This adds storage capacity and makes the system extendable in a sense that additional capacity can be added at a later date.

When multiple racks are combined, the leading rack contains the arrow button control panel that moves the combined assembly.
From an ergonomic standpoint, there are no reticles stored close to the floor or at heights exceeding 81 inches. The system controller helps assure that only the least utilized reticles are stored at the less desirable ergonomic locations.

LED indicator lights are located above each column. This makes it easy for an operator to locate the column containing the reticle or slot of interest.

Custom columns are available for the racks. The box to box pitch and the number of columns per rack are a function of the reticle box dimensions.
Moving Racks on Rails
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