These space saving lockers automatically present the shelf of interest to the operator. An LED then illuminates the reticle slot of interest for quick, mistake-proof retrieval and return.

A master database tracks each reticle’s history and every operator transaction. SECS/GEM permits a FAB’s Host to easily control and monitor everything.

With a quick bar code swipe you'll have the correct reticle in seconds.
Query the system database for inventory status, box location, checkout & return info, operator involved, last inspection date, total usage odometer, and much more. Such data triggers the maintenance that assures your reticles are ready when called upon.

Reticle Storage Lockers conserve cleanroom space and assure fast and accurate box retrieval.

Master database helps assure your reticles are maintained properly and production ready.
Reticle Storage Lockers
Adding Reticle Storage Capacity
Reticle Storage Lockers are extendable by simple advanced planning. Shown above is an SL-4-0-4 Frame that is populated as a 3-0-3. This customer has not yet decided which brand of Exposure Tool will be purchased next year. Once that decision is made, they can add a final rack suited to the reticle requirement.
SL 3-0-3
1-0-1 Kit
SL 4-0-4
Field Upgrade to Add Capacity
Not sure what the future will bring? No Problem!
Don't have the entire budget needed?
No Problem!
Partially populated lockers can be finished out over time.
Two lockers
3,000 mixed boxes
both 6X6 and 5X5
Reticle Storage Lockers are shown with skins removed for illustration purposes. Systems include safety doors that prevent access while shelves are in motion. In this specific scenario, one control system is used to operate both reticle storage lockers.

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